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Track Job Changes
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Track Job Changes is the lead distributor you’ve always dreamed of. Our software tracks your current customers and notifies you when they change jobs, giving you a qualified lead automatically.


More sales, less effort

Every job change notification TJC sends your way is someone you already know. The lead has not only used your product, but already purchased it.

  • Be the First to Know When a Job Change Happens

    3-6% of your contacts change jobs every month. Create new leads by following up with contacts that change jobs and get the most out of every contact.

  • Keep Your CRM Updated Automatically

    No more wondering if the information in Salesforce is accurate. TJC automatically syncs Salesforce with new companies, titles, and emails for your contacts who change jobs so you can contact these “new” customers without having to hunt them down.

  • Turn Dead Emails Into Clean Emails

    Nothing’s worse than when you spend valuable time crafting an email only to have it bounce. TJC keeps your prospect emails from bouncing by automatically updating information when a contact changes jobs.

  • Hit Your Quota & Say Goodbye to Sales Stress

    Wave goodbye to that end-of-month panic when you’re far from hitting quota. Nurturing a lead from prospect to customer takes considerable time, but TJC cuts the process in half. When you start from a qualified lead, you close deals faster.


“TrackJobChanges is a great tool from a growth perspective. Data is accurate and the API is a dream to use. Also, their support team is highly responsive and dedicated to their customers. Strongly advise!”

3-6% of your contacts change jobs every month

Be the first to know when it happens.

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Access job change data wherever you need it most.

Track Job Changes offers a comprehensive API giving you full programmatic access to your account. Share the data with multiple teammates. Use our Zapier app to connect to 100+ other online services. Integrate directly with Salesforce or transfer data using our CSV import and export systems.


“Tracking prior users of our products is a vital source of warm leads and fast closing opportunities for us. TrackJobChanges is a pivotal component in this process and allows us to efficiently act on user changes as they happen. It has reduced the resources required for the task by at least 50%.”

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