Track Job Changes Pricing

Any company can harness the power of TJC

Every plan includes the option to cancel within two weeks and pay only for the data consumed. Change plans or cancel online any time. No strings attached.


$ 29 /month
  • 5 cents per record

  • 1 user account

  • 1 group

  • No API or Salesforce access

Most popular


$ 99 /month
  • 4 cents per record

  • 2 users

  • 2 groups

  • Zapier app access

  • API access

  • Salesforce integration


$ 349 /month
  • 3 cents per record

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited groups

  • Zapier, API, and Salesforce access

Frequently asked questions

How does the fee per record work?

We charge for usage on a metered basis. For example, if you have 5,000 records and we check each one once per month, then your monthly metered cost on the Standard will be 5,000 x $0.04 = $200. If we refresh them all twice per month or once per quarter, then the cost adjusts accordingly.

Can I change how frequently my records are checked?

Of course! The default is once every 30 days but you can change that to 90 days or 14 days. The less frequently we check, the less you'll pay. You can also have multiple Groups, each with a different refresh frequency.

How quickly will I hear about job changes?

We typically detect and alert you of job changes within a few weeks of the change. The lag is due to how long it takes the updated LinkedIn profile to percolate through the Internet. But -- that's the perfect amount of time to let your old customers settle in at their new jobs!

How will I contact my old customers at their new jobs?

We'll get their new work email address for you, as well as their LinkedIn profile, so you can contact them by email or InMail. Our job is to make this process easy for you!

How does TrackJobChanges work in general?

When you upload your customers to TrackJobChanges, we start by building out job histories for each of them. Then we'll regularly update their profiles with new job information as soon as we detect it. You'll get an email each week with the new changes and they'll also get pushed into Salesforce nightly.

Can I hook TrackJobChanges into my other SaaS products?

For sure! We offer API, Zapier, and Salesforce integrations so you can programmatically move your data around to any other services you need to use.

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