A Team of Sales Hackers from Cal and ASU

Ryan Buckley

Ryan is a parallel entrepreneur who likes to build businesses from scratch. He built and sold Scripted, the popular freelance writing marketplace, and continues to run FindEmails, an email discovery service. Along the way he also built a government technology consultancy, a mobile app for political canvassing, and even a product designed at MIT and RISD for bartenders to fill pitchers of beer. Most of those ideas didn't work out, but he's excited to put more time and energy into TrackJobChanges as it too continues to grow.

Max Altschuler

Max is also a parallel entrepreneur, currently running Sales Hacker, the largest media company featuring sales technology, hosting conferences around the world for the sales community. He is also a successful author, angel investor, and founder of a superfood company. Max loves cuddly animals and good cigars and once hosted a charity event where startups raised money by doing pushups in front of an audience.