Track job changes in Salesforce

Never miss an opportunity to save an account or sell into a new one by syncing Track Job Changes with your Salesforce account.

Push and pull your connections

Whether you're adding leads and contacts to Salesforce first or TJC first, we'll accommodate your workflow. It's easy and automatic to bring the job change data from TJC to your CRM where you can build custom reports, alerts, and more natively within Salesforce.

Automatic installation

Our installation process will automatically create the custom fields you'll need to track job changes in your CRM. No need for repetitive, tedious tasks in your Salesforce settings. All we need is authentication with an account with administrative privileges!

TrackJobChanges Salesforce App
Bring new emails into Salesforce

We know that just telling you someone has left is not very helpful. We not only tell you where they went, but also how to contact them. Every time we sync a new job change with Salesforce we'll include an email address and a confidence score for that email..