Sales teams

Give your sales reps superpowers

Sales managers use TrackJobChanges to follow current customers to their new jobs and engage in a new sales opportunity with the highest likelihood to close.

Check contacts regularly

TrackJobChanges can check your contacts once or twice a month for employment changes. Whether you give us a list of known inactives/bounces/dormant leads or high value prospects that you're already engaged with, we'll give you immediate results and regularly check for more changes.

Integrate with Salesforce

TrackJobChanges has automation top of mind. If you're using Salesforce to track your customers' growth, then our Salesforce AppExchange package will pull the power of TrackJobChanges directly into Salesforce. No importing and exporting spreadsheets! Use Salesforce's own reporting tools to see your customers' job changes.

Get new leads

When your point person at a company changes jobs, it’s typically looked at as a hassle. But with our intel, it’s an opportunity. We notify you of the job change and send you their new employment record including an email address and a confidence score for that email.

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