Mine inactive leads for new marketing opportunities

Marketers use TrackJobChanges to fix bounced leads by automatically updating them to a new company email.

Find any old record

TrackJobChanges takes your bad data and makes it great again. No matter how old your record is, we'll use it to identify the right online profile and return correct employment information, including title, company, and email address.

Includes new email addresses

We know that just telling you someone has left is not very helpful. We not only tell you where they went, but also how to contact them. Every new employment record includes an email address and a confidence score for that email.

Once or twice a month

TrackJobChanges can check your leads once or twice a month for employment changes. Whether you give us a list of known inactives/bounces/dormant leads or high value prospects that you're already engaged with, we'll give you immediate results and regularly check for more changes.