Customer Success teams

Reduce churn with job change data

Customer success teams use TrackJobChanges to prevent churn by reaching out to other VIPs in a current customer's organization as soon as a contact changes jobs.

Heads up! You need a new contact

TrackJobChanges can check your contacts once or twice a month for employment changes, giving Customer Success a headstart on reaching out to their new contact for a current client.

Integrate with Salesforce

TrackJobChanges has automation top of mind. If you're using Salesforce to track your customers' growth, then our Salesforce AppExchange package will pull the power of TrackJobChanges directly into Salesforce. No importing and exporting spreadsheets! Use Salesforce's own reporting tools to see your customers' job changes.

Get new contact info to Sales

Every new employment record includes an email address and confidence score for that email, enabling Customer Success to seamlessly pass new intel to Sales.

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