3 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Customers

Tracking customers and power users is an easy way to spur growth

Updated on March 25, 2020

They say it’s infinitely easier to retain a customer than it is to obtain a new one. There’s no time in history where this means more than today.

Customers have more power than ever before. They have more say within their organizations. They have megaphones on social media and networks both online and offline to share their feelings about your product, salesperson, or company.

The key to retaining these customers is to keep them happy, but once they’re happy, what happens when they change companies? Do you know? There’s no better time to reach out, or person to reach out to at his or her new company to get them on as a customer.

This is why you need to be tracking your customers. About 3% of your list is changing jobs every year. It’s more popular than ever to change jobs every 2 years.

That’s potentially thousands of little viral spores that can infect each new organization with the thought of buying your product. These are champions or buyers who now have new budgets, and new people buy new things. Especially when they bought something they were happy with at their previous company.

Here are a few ways you can use TrackJobChanges to track your customers and keep them as buyers over and over again as they navigate their careers.

  1. Add your list of newsletter subscribers. When they switch jobs, configure TrackJobChanges to auto-send them an email, asking them to stay in touch by re-opting in with their new email address. Once they do, ask them to share with their team.
  2. Add your list of customers, decision makers, or end users. If someone was a happy buyer or end user at one company, that could be a huge internal champion at their new one. Wait until they change jobs, get notified, and then re-sell them.
  3. Add your target account list and track your top targets. When they switch jobs, maybe then they’ll have the budget to finally make that purchase.

Customer tracking is essential in a high growth business. Let TrackJobChanges be your secret weapon.

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