Where to Get the Data to Import Connections

There are 4 different ways you can import data to TJC

Updated on December 30, 2020

Maybe you just signed up for TrackJobChanges. Or maybe you've been tracking jobs for awhile and you want to learn all the ways you can import connections. Well, either way, you came to the right place. 😁

We've broken down each way you can import connections so it's as easy as following the steps and watching the updates roll in!


Find Leads & Contacts With New Jobs in Salesforce

Find Contacts With New Jobs in Pipedrive

Go to your Contacts list and choose the appropriate Filter. Then click the menu drop-down and choose Export filter results... Imgur In the option on the next screen, choose CSV. Imgur

Get Current Employment From Just an Email Address

Get Current Employment From a LinkedIn Profile URL

Now all you have to do is try it! If you have any questions, email us at help@trackjobchanges.com.

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