Title Change Alerts Released!

Receive an alert every time someone changes job titles within their company

Updated on April 2, 2020

A lot of people are moving jobs. They're also changing roles, and when someone stays in the same company but changes their job titles, we're now able to tell you about it.

Title change alerts are one of our most requested features. Here's why you should care about it.



Let's say one of your prospects gets promoted from Head of Product to Chief Product Officer. With this promotion, your prospect now has 2X the budget, and is attending board meetings and expanding their staff. A well-timed note of congratulations puts you front and center as they fill out their budget for the year.


Department changes

Sometimes a general counsel or engineer will get tapped to lead operations or move into the Office of the CEO. If that person was your main champion or power user, your customer success team should know that the relationship needs to change. They won't be your main point of contact anymore; they have other responsibilities now, even though they're in the same company. Job change alerts won't show you this, but title changes will!



Sometimes a Chief Executive will become a Chief Evangelist. Or a Board Member will become an Advisor. These subtle job changes mean huge impacts in their ability to influence budget. Savvy sales reps can work with this information to make better informed decisions and better use of their time.

TrackJobChanges is the first in the industry to make title changes standard in its product line. Take advantage of this new data!

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