Why Revenue Summit Attendees Need TrackJobChanges

Sales and marketing managers need a tool that will update their lead contact information and TrackJobChanges.com is up to the task!

Updated on March 25, 2020

Sometimes perfect time management, communication and a cohesive vision across the sales and marketing teams just isn’t enough.

If you were at the Revenue Summit 2018, you are passionate about using the tactics that are actually working today to keep your numbers moving up and your team more committed than ever. We're all in this game and it's tough. There will always be factors you cannot control as a Sales or Marketing Manager, even if you are the best!

Why Sales and Marketing Managers Should Care About TrackJobChanges

Every month 3-6% of your CRM or contact list becomes outdated due to job changes. As marketing experts, you know that the lost leads in that 3-6% could represent millions in lost revenue. Not to mention affecting the earnings of your sales people, your company revenue goals and the overall trust your sales team places in you. Fortunately, TrackJobChanges was made for all of the reasons mentioned. You can reduce churn and increase acquisitions by using TrackJobChanges to track job changes!

Marketing and Sales Teams using TrackJobChanges

You may have seen our booth at the Revenue Summit. Ryan Buckley demoed our new Salesforce app and showed how TrackJobChanges is changing the game in job change and current employment data.

As marketing and sales managers, you currently have two options for using TrackJobChanges. You can go right onto TrackJobChanges.com to import business email addresses manually or by uploading a file, or you can use the new TrackJobChanges Salesforce integration. Either way, you are well on your way to converting dead leads into gold and giving your sales team a whole new list of prospects!

This is just the beginning!

TrackJobChanges is constantly improving to keep up with what sales and marketing teams need to stay competitive in the ever-changing marketing world. If you have any questions on the product, please don't hesitate to reach out to ryan@trackjobchanges.com.

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