New Feature: Edit Existing Connections

Now you can update connections when what you have on file is different than what's online

Updated on May 2, 2020

One of TJC's most requested features is the ability to edit a connection after it's been updated.

When to Use the 'Edit Existing Connections' Feature

Let's say you just uploaded a list of people whose job changes you want to track with TrackJobChanges. Sometimes, the name that you have in your system is different than the one they use online.

For example: - Jake is actually Jacob - Joe is actually Joseph - Jen is actually Jennifer

When the first name is different in your system than it appears on, for example, a LinkedIn profile, it's possible that TJC could match to the wrong online profile. When this happens, you would need to delete the connection and re-upload them.


Edit the Profile & Let TJC Do the Rest!

No longer! You can now edit that connection, and if you happen to know their true LinkedIn profile, you can add that. If you don't, simply update the name, and we'll try to find the correct profile again. Once TJC has matched to the correct profile, it's smooth sailing! We'll keep looking and tell you when you that person has changed jobs.

This new connection editing feature is available for all TJC users and included on all plans.

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