Inlistio to TrackJobChanges - Why we rebranded!

The story behind our new name

Updated on March 25, 2020

Just like the job changes we track, I've had my own changes to announce!

A new name is born

Inlistio is out and TrackJobChanges is in. Why? Well, it's part of a broader strategy with the other companies I've been developing, most significantly FindEmails (formerly known as Toofr).

I write about the bigger picture in detail in this Medium post. The reason specifically for changing the Inlistio name is, well, it's just not that descriptive and kind of like Toofr, it's not easy to spell or share by word of mouth. FindEmails and TrackJobChanges are very easy to remember. I also like to do things in pairs (if it's not clear based on my "parallel entrepreneurship" strategy) so I figured if I was going to change Toofr to FindEmails I might as well do the same for Inlistio. TrackJobChanges was the first domain I checked and I thought it was an omen that it was available.

Technically switching domains is pretty easy. I added TrackJobChanges to the Heroku app settings here:


And suddenly TrackJobChanges works just like Inlistio. You can log in, create an account, etc etc. If you never new Inlistio existed then there's nothing I need to do.

Unfortunately, the web never forgets, so I do have to do something about all those Inlistio links. I want to eventually tell Google to stop indexing Inlistio and transfer the SEO over to TrackJobChanges. For that I need to use the Change Address Form in Google Webmaster tools.

I haven't done this for yet but here's how it looks for


Getting those 301s in place was the hardest part. I learned that you can't do it at the DNS level. GoDaddy won't let you forward an https domain to another https domain (but http worked fine!). So I did what a hacker would do. I built a standalone Rails app to do the https redirect for me.

Here's the code to build a simple Rails 5 api-only app that does a 301 redirect, perserving the path, so any GET request to gets forwarded to Instead of just forwarding to the homepage, it gets the path too. A much better user experience!


Once the Inlistio Salesforce app is updated I'm going to put a redirect app up for too. If I do it now, the Salesforce app will break.

The big idea

I'm hoping this change will ultimately lead to more direct and organic traffic. Direct traffic will increase because this domain is easier for people to share and remember.

"Oh, you need to track your customers' job changes? Just go to" Easy, right?

I also want to own the "track job changes" keyword and having a .com domain with all three words will go a long way toward that goal.


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