Inlistio Revenue Summit 2018

Don't miss our booth at the 2018 Revenue Summit in San Francisco!

Updated on March 25, 2020

Get pumped for one of San Francisco's most exciting events!


If you've never been to a Sales Hacker conference, be prepared for a fun, informative, single-day conference filled with tactical advice and great networking! It's designed for both sales and marketing leaders who are tasked with growing revenue in an increasingly competitive field. The Sales Hacker crew has assembled an impressive lineup of speakers who have firsthand experience with pioneering the way in sales and marketing in the modern day and can share what's actually working!

Inlistio Sponsorship at Revenue Summit 2018

Here at Inlistio, we are honored to be a sponsor at this year’s Revenue Summit! We are preparing our notepads for all the awesome takeaways from the conference that will help us kick our marketing efforts into high gear this year. Be sure to check out our booth! Inlistio founder, Ryan Buckley, will be there demoing our product!

So what is Inlistio?

Inlistio is a software that reduces churn and increases your acquisitions by tracking job changes. You simply plug in the name and company of a lead you have and Inlistio will shoot out the name of the company they moved to and their new email address there. You can upload an entire list from a spreadsheet or utilize our new Salesforce Application to integrate the software right inside your CRM!

See you there!


We look forward to seeing you at the conference! Don't forget to stop by our booth to learn more about Inlistio, network, or crack a joke. ;)

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