How to Update CRM Job Records After a Job Change

Keep your TJC account organized and up to date

Updated on March 25, 2020

By now, many of TJC's customers have thousands or even tens of thousands of connection tracked in our platform. Over time, that can amount to hundreds or even thousands of job changes. It brings up a good question: what happens when you know that a job change has happened? How do you tell us so we can stop alerting you?

Today we have the answer! Remove flags on one or all of your connections that have job changes.

Remove all flags

If you're aware of all the changes on your account and don't want to keep any of them flagged, there's now a "Remove all flags" option from the top navigation. When you choose this, we'll note that you're aware of all the now-current jobs of your flagged connections. We won't alert you about them again until they change jobs again.

Remove one flag

If you don't want to update all of your connections, then you can now choose to remove the flag on just one of them. Simply click the menu on the top right corner of the card for each of your connections and you'll see a new menu we've recently added. You'll find some more upcoming features in this area, but for now the new one is the "Remove flag" option. We'll note that you're aware of the current job on this connection and remove the flag.

Of course, if you're currently syncing your data to Salesforce, this action will update Salesforce as well, keeping your Leads and Contacts up to date in your CRM.

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