How to Take Advantage of Tracking Title Changes

When someone changes roles, it's time to reach out

Updated on March 1, 2021

When someone changes roles within the same company, that's what we call a Title Change. Whether it's a promotion, lateral move, or even demotion, you'll be notified when that change happens, even though its not a job change from one company to another. Imgur

Tracking title changes—promotions and transfers, primarily—is tricky business. Fortunately, Track Job Changes makes tracking titles changes effortless and delivers notifications right to your TJC dashboard. Plus, we include title change tracking in all plans!


Why Tracking Promotions Matters

When one of your current clients or leads gets promoted, it's likely they have more decision-making power and a larger budget. We send you a notification as soon as their title changes so you can reach out and congratulate them.

Once you've sent a thoughtful note of congratulations, you have an opening to learn more about their new role and its potential to increase your business with this contact!

Why Tracking Transfers Matters

You'll be notified no matter what kind of title change happens, including transfers and demotions. It's important to understand what kind of title change happened so you can properly reach out.

When someone you currently do business with moves to a different department or moves down in the company, it's still important to connect. You need to establish who your new contact is so you can update your CRM, say hello, and ensure your business together continues running smoothly. Imgur

How to Reach Out & Make an Impact

A title change could be a promotion, lateral move, demotion or something that isn't even a new role! When you get a title change notification, go to your contact's LinkedIn profile to learn about the change before you contact them.

One of the worst mistake some people make is getting a title change notification, and immediately sending the canned LinkedIn "Congrats on the new job" message when the title change could have been something completely different!

Add a Personal Touch Instead of Using the Canned Message

You can easily stand out by a writing a thoughtful email or sending a personalized message on LinkedIn. Most other people who reach out to your contact about their new role will just use the pre-filled "Congrats on the new job. I hope you're well." text from LinkedIn. Taking 10 extra seconds to write something from you immediately makes you stand out.

Offer Help

When you learn about your contact's new role, ask yourself if there's anything you can do to support them. Do you have relevant connections in your network? Did you recently read a great book or article they will find helpful?

Keep It Short

Whether you're reaching out to congratulate someone or learn who your new point of contact is, be friendly but get to the point. Your contact receives hundreds of messages per day. If you send a lengthy message, it's likely they won't even read it.

When Relevant, Share The Announcement

Sometimes when someone changes roles, they post an update to their LinkedIn feed. They may explain the change, express excitement or express what kinds of customers they now serve and want to connect with.

If that's the case, in addition to sending a personal congratulatory note, share their post! Help them reach more people by leveraging your network. It shows them that you actually read their update and care more than the 100 people who hit 'send' on the automoated LinkedIn congrats message.

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