Automatically Track Job Changes in Salesforce

Automatically sync job changes to your CRM by making List Views

Updated on December 10, 2020

If you're not already using our Salesforce integration, you should be!

The TJC Salesforce Integration

TJC has a built-in connection to Salesforce that allows you to automatically sync job changes between your Leads and Contacts. It's amazingly simple to install and it!

You might be wondering how we know which of your Leads and Contacts to sync. Your concerns are warranted; we don't want to pull down your entire CRM. That's too much cost for everyone!

That's why we rely on you to make List Views for your Leads and Contacts.


Salesforce List Views

With a Salesforce List View, you can use any of the standard and custom fields you've created to filter down to precisely the set of leads or contacts you want to sync to TJC. With that done and saved, you simply need to tell TJC which List Views you want to sync.

To do that, head over to the "Account" navigation and click "Sync List Views." You should see a box with all of your Lead and Contact List Views there. Choose as many as you want us to sync! We'll save them on your account and sync them nightly, pulling down any new Leads and Contacts that meet the criteria you set in your List View.


Why Do Salesforce List Views Matter?

Everyone loves Salesforce! It's a beast, but it's the market leader. This integration (the only one we know of that does so much in such a simple way) lets you literally set it and forget it. Which means:

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