How to Track Jobs Using Zapier

Add connections and track their job changes everywhere

Updated on March 25, 2020

Zapier is a popular web application that allows you to connect thousands of web services together, seamlessly transferring data between them without any coding. Web marketers love it because it streamlines and automates processes, essentially allowing the tools you use most to "talk" to each other.

The way that it works, essentially, is by throwing a pretty straight-forward interface on top of some pretty complex APIs. An API (application programming interface) is what software developers use to integrate with third party systems. You might think of it as a public, secure, and regulated portal into a company's database.

The Track Job Changes API is essentially that: it allows a programmer to do with code what a website user does with clicks. All safe, secure, and monitored. With our API you can add connections, download connections, and search for people with job changes. You need to be able to write a computer program, though, to use it.

With Zapier, the programming requirement is removed. We're very happy now to share it with you.

In this example, we'll show you how to track job changes and get notifications in Slack.

Connect Slack to Track Job Changes

For example, let's set up a Zap so you can paste a LinkedIn URL into a Slack Channel and have that Connection be added to Track Job Changes. To do that, we'll make a Zap that connects a Slack channel to the Track Job Changes App with an intermediate filter step.

Step 1

First, set the Slack App Settings

Choose the “New Message Posted to Channel Trigger”.

Step 2

Then set up a Filter as the second step

This will only pass the message on to Track Job Changes if a LinkedIn URL was pasted in the channel. The easiest way is to set the filter “Only continue if Text contains linkedin”.

Step 3

Connect the Slack Output to create a New Connection in Track Job Changes

Choose the “Create Connection Action Event”

Step 4

And then map the Slack Message output Text to the LinkedIn URL input in Track Job Changes.

Step 5

That should be it!

Send Employment alerts from Track Job Changes into Slack

Next, we'll connect the Track Job Changes app to a Slack Channel so your team can be notified in Slack whenever there is a job change.

Step 1

When a New Employment happens let Slack know

Choose the “New Employment” Trigger

Step 2

Set up the Slack App that will receive the alert

Select the “Send Channel Message” Action Event

Step 3

You can easily customize the message text that gets sent to the Slack channel with Track Job Changes data about the job change. Here we include the name of the connection and their new company name. You could also share the email address we find.

Step 4

That's it! We hope you enjoy using this amazingly powerful toolkit.

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